A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Saturday Sprint (ish)

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain outside my window. My room felt fairly chilly too (though my bedside thermometer was reading 15.7 C), and it was snug and warm under the covers, so I wasn’t feeling that inclined to get up! However, parkrun was calling; and by the time I’d cogitated on the world for a while, and actually risen and dressed, the rain had stopped anyway. It was still chilly on the way though, and I was almost regretting not wearing gloves.[Read More…]


Hadrian’s Wall

dscf0527.jpg Here’s a writeup of a ride I did a while ago. It feels appropriate to write it up now, since it was about the same time of year. It was a couple of weeks later, and though it felt rather warmer, the trip definitely had a fin de saison feel about it. In the end, that proved to be true, as it was the last chance for a proper bike trip that year before the winter winds set in.
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Autumn Arrives

Yes, autumn is here. I cycled to work this morning wearing a cycling tshirt with a long sleeve top over that; I think that’s the first time I’ve done so since Easter - and I was still chilly! I might treat myself to some new midweight cycling gloves, too; the ones I currently use in autumn and spring date aren’t proper cycling gloves, so they have no padding. They do an ok job of keeping the wind off, but I’ve had them since Cambridge days (I can remember buying them sometime before my alps trip), and the cuff is getting rather slack, which tends to leave an uncomfortable breeze around my wrists. Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a bike shop near here with a good range of clothing, so I may have to make an online order.



Ok, now I know I haven’t posted anything on here for *AGES*. And I know I said before that I’d try to post more often… but this time I will. And I’m going to post about more topics, as this blog is getting a facelift! I’m going to put on other things, besides just my cycling trips. Walking, camping, and possibly general life goings-on too. Hopefully that will liven up things for you, dear reader; especially in the dark winter days to come, when I may not get out on the bike quite so much.

So without further ado, read on…[Read More…]


Gower Gambles

I had a lovely ride round the Gower a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have much by the way of pictures and things, but it was really nice - Oxwich Bay, Rhossili and Llangennith were just a few of the places. I should definitely head back there, and soon!