A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


To Glen Nevis, and (nearly) the end

Day 8
Cycling distance: 125 km

day8map.jpg I woke up late this morning to soft sunlight streaming into the tent, with shimmering reflections from the loch to the East filtered by the intervening trees. I had a bit of time to kill before Polly and Simon would arrive. I had breakfast and wandered - on foot - into the village, to the shop I’d passed the night before.campsite.JPG I stocked up on food and sent a few postcards, then walked back to the campsite. The bright morning sun had driven the midges away and I could already feel the heat in the air. An impulse drew me down to the shingle beach. I knew I had plenty of time on my hands before the other two arrived since I’d been up and breakfasted well before they could have been (times are all relative, and my ‘late’ lie in was till about 7 - definitely late when you’re camping in Scotland in summer - while they’d spent the night in a bed and breakfast). [Read More…]