A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


“Paddy’s Day”

“Paddy’s Day”, as St. Patrick’s Day is known here in Northern Ireland, seems to be an excuse for an entire city to get drunk simultaneously (and quite possibly, an entire island). I didn’t actually do a great deal of cycling yesterday - but I thought I’d add a bit to this blog anyway. In fact, I might start using this a bit more for non-cycling-related entries.

I did cycle a little bit, and hopefully Reuben doesn’t have a puncture as a result - there was a lot of broken glass around. It’s good to see people enjoying themselves, although as most people started pretty early in the morning (or the night before), by the time sunset came round it was obvious that many people were tired and irritable, with fights breaking out in the street and many lost souls looking the worse for wear - and plenty more looking lost.

Coming to work this morning was a very different sight, as you may expect; in fact, you know when you’ve hosted a big party, and decided to leave the cleaning up for the morning after? Well, imagine that but for a whole city. I think I saw almost as many bin lorries and street sweepers as cars on my way in this morning, cleaning up the detritus of a day and two nights’ worth of revelry.

Today I’m working on the outline strategy for a couple of new studies we’re planning; I also have a couple of meetings this afternoon about the reorganisation of the department, which could be interesting, or could be really dull…


Reuben’s First Day Out

So I took young Reuben for his first proper ride at the weekend. And, seeing as he seemed to have such a lovely time, I’ll let him tell you about it:

“I was so excited to be going out for a long ride! I’ve spent lots of time just commuting, and that’s ok, but it’s not much fun. Not compared to the promise of a Proper Ride at any rate, even if Aidan said this wasn’t going to be very long. (I have a feeling he might say that too often.)reuben1.jpg [Read More…]