A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Aidan Rides

I in a week or so, I’m heading to Canada for a conference, and hopefully a bit of sightseeing too. I’m not sure quite how good the internet access will be over there, and I’d like to keep up to date more with blogging; so I’ve decided to create an additional site on wordpress, so that I can post by email. This will remain my main site, and in time hopefully I’ll add the same functionality here, but because of the way my site is designed it would be a fair bit of work for me to make my site work like that. In the meantime, so that it’s ready in time for Canada, I’ve taken the shortcut of having someone else do the programming and web hosting, and my wordpress site is here: Wordpress partially fund their service through advertising, so the pages I post from that link will have some adverts on - sorry about that! I hope you don’t mind them too much. Please feel free to avoid that site; if the adverts bug you, let me know, and I’ll hurry up with getting the email-to-post feature working with this site :)