A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad



I went swimming this morning. That might be my last time indoors for the season - I’m going to cancel my monthly membership of the indoor pool and ‘brave’ the outdoor one. The weather forecast for Friday is 28 C in Abingdon so I should be able to cope! I’ve been struggling with cold-water swimming recently; I’m not really sure why, but if I start going regularly over the summer, maybe I’ll be more able to keep going when we head back towards autumn and winter. The outdoor pool in Abingdon is only open from June to 6 September, which is a pretty short season. There are some ponds nearby, and of course the river, though the latter doesn’t look so appealing; but maybe I’ll investigate those instead of the pool. This morning, I took advantage of being indoors to do some drills: breath-holding drills, catch-up, and swimming with closed fists. I quite enjoy that last one, as much for the novelty of it I think; my least favourite is definitely breath-holding drills!