A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Return to cycling!

I’ve just spent a little over a month in Cameroon, on an Engineers Without Borders project. Cameroon isn’t a country noted for it’s cycling, and in any case I didn’t take a bike with me. As a result, I’ve just spent the longest time I can remember without sitting on a bike - longer than last year, after I broke my ankle; possibly even the longest break I’ve had since I first sat on a bike with stabilisers.

I went for a ride today, and it was good to be back in the saddle! It wasn’t far - just 10 miles or so around the local roads to get the feel of things again. After a month off I’m feeling pretty unfit!

I had a great time in Cameroon though, despite the lack of cycling; if you’re interested, I’m planning to write up a blog of my time in Cameroon here.


Tour of Britain

Cambridge to Bury St. Edmunds
~ 100 km (60 miles) round trip

Yesterday’s ride to Bury was a bit of an impromptu one; Julian (another engineer) suggested it earlier in the week, but the weather forecast at the time wasn’t looking too favourable, so we put off the decision to late on Friday night. The forecast then was still for rain, but we decided to go anyway. The penultimate leg of the Tour of Britain, one of the longest legs, is a 200 km loop starting at Bury St. Edmunds, and heading in a big loop through Suffolk and Norfolk to finish at Kings Lynn. Julian’s idea was to ride out to Bury to see the start - something I was very keen on, since I saw mid-stage and finish points of the Tour de France on my Alpine trip but no starts.
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Loaded like a freight train

Because ‘loaded like a guided bus’ doesn’t sound quite the same…

A brief interlude this week - this isn’t part of my three peaks trip, but just a comment on one of my favourite rides around Cambridge. [Read More…]