A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Robin Hood

Robin Hood, or The Outlaw
About 65 miles

Called the Outlaw, I imagine, because it takes place in the area of the old Sherwood Forest, the Outlaw triathlon is one of the most popular long-distance triathlon races in the UK. Perhaps the fact that it’s half the price of the Ironman-brand races has something to do with its popularity. At any rate, I was down in Nottingham for the weekend to watch the club relays at Holme Pierrepont; this is an entertaining affair, where teams of 4 compete in (approximately) a 500m swim, 15km cycle and 5km run, with the whole team completing the swim in turn, then the cycle, then the run - so unlike a normal triathlon, each competitor has a rest between each leg. The following day, we had decided on a bike ride, and for the route we picked one based on the course of the Outlaw triathlon’s bike leg. This was the first time I used my fancy new phone for navigation, trying out three different programs, with varying degrees of success.
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Route Number One

Hello dear reader,

Having recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia, which occasioned a long absence from cycling (over three months; longer, indeed, than any that I can remember), I decided to renew my acquaintance with the two-wheeled mode of transport. I settled on a trip north to visit my brother, with a destination but no more than a vague plan. For some time, I’ve been meaning to investigate the recent advances in electronic navigation for bikes, and in fact, one of the first things I did on returning home was to order a new phone, one that has GPS and mapping capabilities. The phone arrived, but within five seconds of plugging it into the wall, it exploded. So much for electronic navigation.

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