A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Strangford Lough

Two updates today - this one is from last weekend, and I’ve been meaning to write it up all week! I’m just putting up a quick note, hopefully with photos to follow tomorrow (as I’ve just realised I’ve left my camera cable at work). Last Saturday I made a trip to Strangford Lough, via Comber, and headed down the west shore of the lough. It was a great day for it: lovely cycling conditions, warm and sunny if a little breezy.

The route from Belfast to Comber is great - it’s on a quiet, disused railway path; the section nearest Belfast heads through cuttings lined with gorse, which is in flower at this time of year; it widens out becoming more open towards Comber.

From Comber onwards the route was on quiet roads, with great views through pine woods down to the sea, which does a very good impression of a lake - it’s something like 15 miles long, yet the inlet is only a quarter mile wide or thereabouts. Not so much to report I suppose from this trip - this post will be better with photos - check back tomorrow!

And the photos, as promised: