A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Who says it’s November?

Ok, it’s cold, and recently it’s been frosty in the mornings - but the afternoons have been really sunny for the most part. I rode up to Almscliffe Crag the other day; the photos make it look like summer! This is a really nice part of the world to cycle in, I think. There are enough roads that you can head off without worrying about either getting lost or ending up on a major road, there’s not too much traffic, and it’s just the right level of hilliness to make the ride enjoyable without being too taxing.


Return to cycling!

I’ve just spent a little over a month in Cameroon, on an Engineers Without Borders project. Cameroon isn’t a country noted for it’s cycling, and in any case I didn’t take a bike with me. As a result, I’ve just spent the longest time I can remember without sitting on a bike - longer than last year, after I broke my ankle; possibly even the longest break I’ve had since I first sat on a bike with stabilisers.

I went for a ride today, and it was good to be back in the saddle! It wasn’t far - just 10 miles or so around the local roads to get the feel of things again. After a month off I’m feeling pretty unfit!

I had a great time in Cameroon though, despite the lack of cycling; if you’re interested, I’m planning to write up a blog of my time in Cameroon here.


The Trans-Pennine Trail (TPT)

The Trans-Pennine Trail, Leeds to Sheffield section
(also known as Sustrans route 67)

Distance: very approximately 80 km from my house (about 10 km north of Leeds centre) to Sheffield

I’ve ridden this bit of the Trans-Pennine Trail (or TPT, as it’s shortened to on some signs) twice now; and neither time has been hugely succesful! It’s not that my rides have been unsuccessful, but both times it’s taken me much longer than expected. The first time, I put this down mostly to getting lost, which happened a few times, and having to stop to check the map frequently. The second time, I knew where I was going, and tried to keep moving quickly, but I didn’t manage to go much faster overall.
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The North East coast: Broomhill to Cullercoats

Total distance: approx. 43 km each way

My parents have just moved to Broomhill, a small village in Northumberland. It’s about a mile inland, just south of Amble, where I’ve sailed to and from a fair few times with my dad, and 10 miles or so north of Morpeth. My parents moved at the end of May, and I spent a couple of weeks helping them move: lots of unpacking, and a lot more gardening (mostly clearing weeds, and digging out space for, and putting up, a garden shed).
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An update

Ok, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything on here. Far too long. Sorry! I have a few rides to write about: day rides around the UK, in the North East and South Yorkshire. I’ll go backwards in chronological terms, starting with a ride from Broomhill to Cullercoats via Sustrans route 1.