A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad



I just went for a little jog along the River Ock (yes, that’s what it’s called round here, although it’s barely a stream). It’s 294 K (21 C in old-fashioned units), and it feels like 100% humidity. Not very pleasant for running in, I can tell you; bring me the clear air of the Peak District! I’m going to investigate Strava and Maymyrun and things like that, so in future I might be able to upload my running routes from my watch and do fancy high-tech things like that. Watch this space…


Sheffield Parkrun

It’s such a beautiful day today: sunny, a cloudless blue sky, and no wind. Almost perfect for running, except even by 8.30am it was getting hot. I jogged up to the local parkrun course, at Manor Top. Like most of this area - and unlike Abingdon - flat it isn’t. The run director in his course briefing described it as ‘undulating’; I prefer my friend Matthew’s description, ‘ostentatiously hilly’. It turns out it’s a lovely course - Tasha, if you’re reading, I wish I hadn’t missed it when you where here!
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It was a lovely day this morning - perhaps the summer is finally here! And I’ve measured my commute: 5 km on the nose to the site gate, and another 550 m to the bike shed outside my building. It takes me 14 min on average, for a speed of 23.8 km/hr. Not bad considering the state of the cycle path! I can shave off 90 s by going along the road, which I’ll do if I’m in a hurry, but for day-to-day commuting I think I’ll stick to the cycle path. I need to measure the distance along the river path - that isn’t cyclable really on a road bike, but would make a nice route to run in.


Fun run dun

Done! And I made my target time - coming in quite a bit under, at 12:43. I followed someone else for most of the way, who was running just a little bit slower than my target; it was really good having my watch in pace mode - a new distance on flat terrain is exactly when it’s needed. We dropped the other two from the leading pack after about 1 km, and then it was the two of us running neck and neck. He picked up the pace with 1500 m to go, and we alternated the lead for the next km. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite stick with the faster pace, and with 500 m to go he started pulling away, leaving me to finish in 2nd place. Still happy with it though - I’ll just have to make sure I win in the autumn or winter one!

Segment Pace
1st km 3:53
2nd km 3:52
3rd km 3:19
500 m 3:40

Total time 12:43, but the course was 40 m short by my watch (going by my watch, that would be 12:54 for 3.5 km)


Back to running…?

I’m wary of adding anything about running here in case I injure myself again! I was just getting back into the flow of it, running was going well, and then out of the blue a mysterious ankle/tendon/Achilles type injury appeared. It’s still there as a little niggle, but running doesn’t seem to make it worse, now, so I’m easing myself back into training. I did the Abingdon parkrun a couple of weeks ago, and was pleased enough with my time: 18:43. It’s a flat two-lapper, which is probably the worst sort of course in my opinion - although it’s by the river, through fields, it’s a very pleasant setting - it’s simply the two lap aspect I dislike, especially for a flat course. I prefer three laps - at least then, the first lap isn’t two bad, after two laps you’re tired but you know you only have 1/3 left. With two, you finish one lap and you’re tired, but you know you’re only half-way. Maybe I should try to be more optimistic and look at is as half being done!
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