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An evening swim

Quite the flurry of blog posts today! There must be something wrong with me :o

Just to say, I had a lovely swim this evening in the Thames. I wish I’d had someone to share it with! The water seemed much clearer than the other times I’ve been in (as in, I could see my hands in front of me. Don’t get overexcited, I still couldn’t see the bottom even though I could stand up. And I know I’m not that tall, no need to remind me…). However - and I blame one of my friends for this, after a conversation about ‘the itch’ in a lake she swims in - I feel very itchy! I don’t know if it’s purely psychological ; I feel like it must be, since I was fine the other times I’ve swum here, and the water was so much clearer this time. And I showered straight afterwards. Oh well; if it happens next time I’ll be most miffed, I was starting to like that swimming spot!

I also saw a narrowboat for sale. Can you see me living on a boat, I wonder?

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