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Creative writing

From time to time, I decide to release my creative energies by creating written work of dubious literary merit. I say from time to time; I wrote a few things a long time ago, but actually haven’t written anything new for years, until recently. This is mostly short stories and poems; maybe I'll write a novel one day, if I ever think I'll have time to finish it.

Most of my writing hasn’t been shown to anyone; I write mostly for myself. However, I’ve decided to start posting some of it online, and here it is. Please read, and if you do read anything please let me know: whether you enjoy it or not I’d love to know that somebody has read it.

The Kraken Awakes

This is a poem I wrote many years ago. It’s about the Kraken, a legendary seamonster. My poem was inspired by Tennyson’s original, and could be read, perhaps, as a reply to his poem.

Reading list

Reviews of a selection of books I’ve read recently.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Human, All Too Human

José María Merino: El Oro de los Sueños

José María Merino: El Oro de los Sueños

Herman Melville: Moby Dick

Wilbur Smith: Shout at the Devil

Roald Dahl: Switch Bitch

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Paul Davies: The Mind of God

George Orwell: The Road to Wigan Pier

Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights

Currently reading...Robert MacFarlane: Mountains of the Mind

As many of you reading this will know, I’ve recently retuned from the Congo. I was mostly busy working, and when I wasn’t working, I was mostly running; but I still managed to get through a few books: Robinson Crusoe, Switch Bitch, River God and Frankenstein. I took the first and last with me, but discovered a fairly well-equipped library already there.

I considered buying an ereader before going, simply to save weight, but in the end I decided to take proper books; I looked at lots of ereaders, but they all seem to be incredibly restrictive regarding what you can and cannot do with files you’ve downloaded. I didn’t fancy losing access to all my books halfway through my mission becasue my ereader couldn’t find internet access or a phone signal, for example. No DRM for me thankyou very much; I’d rather carry the extra weight of a book I know won’t suddenly disappear.

I’ll leave the preceding paragraph there for posterity; however, I’ve just accquired a Kindle in a competition. So, as it was free, I’ll keep it and see what use I make of it. So far I’ve read a few Sherlock Holmes stories on it, and also a classic Jane Austen book: Pride and Prejudice. Reviews to follow.

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