Clean Water

A watertank under construction

Day 23: Finishing up

Today was a much more relaxed day; we spent it in Kumbo and Tobin, and spent most of the time finalising notes, meeting a few people to talk about the project and seeing some of the sights in Kumbo. We even found an art gallery, full of wooden sculptures; I took some photos of the most striking pieces. There was a mix of old and new items, it wasn't laid out in a particularly organised fashion but still it was fascinating to have a look round. I have to admire the people running it too; I can't imagine there's a big tourist presence in Kumbo, nor is it likely that they receive any government assistance, so it must be a difficult job in the circumstances. We had lunch at a cafe by Tobin roundabout, eating jama-jama (a spiced leafy vegetable dish, a bit like huckleberry) and fufu. It was nice to relax for a while and watch the world go by, and - something that I love about this place - despite having been here such a short time, we've already made enough friends to bump into some quite by chance: Edwin and Boniface came into the cafe for a drink, while we were having lunch.

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