Clean Water

A watertank under construction

Day 19: Admin day (Kumbo)

The taxi turned up this morning, and we left Mbontsem vaguely on time, with our bags and the cockerel in the boot. The ride was a fairly standard Africa taxi (although an upgrade to the standard model, this was a 4x4). I think we only had to get out and push once, which was quite impressive given the state of the road and the load we were carrying: by the time we reached Kumbo, there were 9 people inside, plus one on the roof along with associated baggage. It's remarkable what you can fit into a car if you really try. It was strange to see towns and villages en route in the mist and grey light before dawn (here's a photo). We took a different route to the way out, and I regret not taking more photos; parts of the journey were through forest, and it was different to the other patches of woodland we've seen here. The trees were wider, with a darker, thicker bark. They trunks reminded me of pine plantations in Scotland, although here, the trees were broadleafed.

After returning to Kumbo, we spent the rest of the day sorting out our thoughts and our kit, discussing the villages we'd seen and writing up reports, having showers and generally getting ourselves in order. Tomorrow we head out again.

Day 20: Navigational confusion. No water.

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