A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Yellow Tops…

… are a speciality in Redcar. If you don’t know what one is - you’ll have to go there to find out! I found out what they were on a stop in Redcar, on the way from Cullercoats to Saltburn. The ride took us along the NCN route 1 for much of the way, with a few detours to make the route more interesting. We saw quite a few sights on the way; we set off through territory that’s very familiar to me, along Cullercoats sea front and past Tynemouth Priory, the Spanish Battery, and the fish quays. However, we very quickly took a route that was completely new to me - over the Shields Ferry. There’s something about ferries that makes them so much more exciting than crossing a river via a bridge; perhaps it’s partly that I’ve always associated ferries with holidays, whether that’s ferries to the Scottish isles, or the channel ferries across to France. Either way, the Shields Ferry was a good start to our trip, although my poor timing meant we had about 15 mins to wait. Fortunately there’s a waiting room on the pontoon for the ferry - fortunate, since it was very windy! (And we’d picked to do the route into a headwind - not the best choice perhaps!) Whilst waiting in the we had a surprise - along with our fellow passengers-to-be - when the ‘help kiosk’ in the waiting room suddenly crackled into life: not, however, with a message of assistance, but an offer to ‘press 9 now to claim your free PPI compensation package’. We surmised that the help kiosk was simply a telephone, and it had ended up on the cold-calling list for a scam PPI claims company. [Read More…]