A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Fun run dun

Done! And I made my target time - coming in quite a bit under, at 12:43. I followed someone else for most of the way, who was running just a little bit slower than my target; it was really good having my watch in pace mode - a new distance on flat terrain is exactly when it’s needed. We dropped the other two from the leading pack after about 1 km, and then it was the two of us running neck and neck. He picked up the pace with 1500 m to go, and we alternated the lead for the next km. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite stick with the faster pace, and with 500 m to go he started pulling away, leaving me to finish in 2nd place. Still happy with it though - I’ll just have to make sure I win in the autumn or winter one!

Segment Pace
1st km 3:53
2nd km 3:52
3rd km 3:19
500 m 3:40

Total time 12:43, but the course was 40 m short by my watch (going by my watch, that would be 12:54 for 3.5 km)