A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Back to running…?

I’m wary of adding anything about running here in case I injure myself again! I was just getting back into the flow of it, running was going well, and then out of the blue a mysterious ankle/tendon/Achilles type injury appeared. It’s still there as a little niggle, but running doesn’t seem to make it worse, now, so I’m easing myself back into training. I did the Abingdon parkrun a couple of weeks ago, and was pleased enough with my time: 18:43. It’s a flat two-lapper, which is probably the worst sort of course in my opinion - although it’s by the river, through fields, it’s a very pleasant setting - it’s simply the two lap aspect I dislike, especially for a flat course. I prefer three laps - at least then, the first lap isn’t two bad, after two laps you’re tired but you know you only have 1/3 left. With two, you finish one lap and you’re tired, but you know you’re only half-way. Maybe I should try to be more optimistic and look at is as half being done!

So anyway, not disappointed with my time, although it doesn’t compare well with my times in Cabinteely, back in Dublin - people there reckoned that it was about 30 s slower than a flat course, making my one in Abingdon equivalent to about a 19:10-ish time in Cabinteely. But after a couple of months off proper running I’m not too disappointed - except that I felt rubbish later in the day, and I wonder if that was partly a consequence of running too hard when I wasn’t ready for it. (As an aside, I just chekced the results again and the guy who finished just ahead of me has done 368 runs - that’s 7 years of weekly parkruns! (And being nosey, he’s done a lot of parkrun tourism too!)

Looking forward, what’s coming up? Well I might do the Sheffield parkrun next - but before that, at lunchtime today, we have the work summer funrun. I’ve eschewed the fancy dress (the theme is summer holidays - I mean that’s just shorts and tshirt?), and I’m looking forward to slightly speedier pace. It’s 3.5 km, which I don’t know how to pace at all - but I have my watch, and it’s a flat course, so running by pace on my watch should work well. I’m going to target 3:44 min/km (yes, dear reader, you may not work in min/km, but I do - until I can switch to m/s that is, and be properly SI with my units). That puts me on track for 13:04, and I think I should have enough in reserve from that to up the pace over the final km and dip under 13 min. I’ll find out in a few hours!