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Wicklow Wramble

I went out for a short spin yesterday with a pal from work, heading out for a Sunday morning ride (not the Sunday morning call) from Dundrum to the Wicklow hills. The forecast was for clear skies, but a light drizzle was in order instead, and I was glad we’d committed to heading out otherwise I might have been tempted to stay in till the rain cleared (although my bike might have thanked me if I had, as it’s rather in need of a good clean and oil at the minute - one of the drawbacks of commuting being that I don’t keep it as clean as I’d like).

We did a nice little loop in about 2 hours, through Eniskerry, climbing up to the Jonny Fox pub, and then heading deeper into the hills along Pine Forest Road. I could see why it got its name!

A nice loop, and one I’m looking forward to doing again. (Apparently there’s also a steeper way up the hill - we may have to tackle that next time…)

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