A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


Island Magee…

… is very badly named. For starters, it isn’t an island. It isn’t even close to an island. It is, however, a nice place to go cycling - there are some lovely beaches, and the roads are a nice combination of low traffic and suitable gradients to make cycling round interesting without being too demanding. We had a great walk along the recently-opened Gobbins, which is basically a path along the base of cliffs, so that people who don’t like getting their feet wet can still get close to the sea. Like last weekend, we had great weather, with only a very short shower; apart from that, it was sunny and warm. One of the nicest beaches we saw was the - also inappropriately named - Port Muck. Mucky it was not, unless you count the seaweed, and there wasn’t much of that. I took some photos with my digital camera, which I’ll put up tomorrow, and I also finished off a roll of film on my Pentax KX. I’m looking forward to seeing the results, although it will be a little longer before they make it onto this blog.

Photos as promised: