A record of my cycling trips in Britain and abroad


A ride in the Dales

Distance: 80 km

I’ve been on a few short rides around and about near my house over the past few weeks, but yesterday, I took advantage of nicer weather to go for a slightly longer ride. The day was lovely - bright and sunny, with not a breath of wind. The air was cold, but it felt fairly dry and it made for perfect riding conditions; even the heavy frost which was still present at 11 when I set off didn’t spoil the ride (although it would have done if I’d fallen!). It added to the scenery, especially in the hollows and valleys where it was lying heavily. I rode up to Almscliffe Crag, as I have done a fair few times now, but instead of turning back there I continued north into the dales. My only mistake I think was not to take any food with me - by the time I was climbing up onto Ilkley Moor three hours later I was definitely feeling the lack of energy!

Oh - and have a look at the attached elevation pic. The climbs aren’t as long as anything in the Alps, obviously, but there are plenty of places where the gradient’s above 10%. 16% I think is the highest on this ride; it’s pretty much top gear or bottom gear all the way!